Work-Study Programs

Earning Marketable Job Skills.

Work-Study programs are designed to give students real world work experience, equipping them to be better job seekers with marketable employment skills.  


The Work-Experience Program is an off-campus Work-Study program designed to prepare college students with marketable job skills in high demand industries.  Check with your Financial Aid Office to see if you are eligible for Off-campus Work-Study.

Partnerships with many other organizations, corporations, businesses, colleges and universities that share a similar vision for community improvement allow MACSC & Housing to accomplish its' goal.  For Example: James Marshalls Innovations is an Architectual Partnership helping to train in the design and drafting industry and Houston Community College Work-Study agreement allows for off-campus work placement for its students.  


Industry Work-Study program includes: Soft Skill Development, Administration, Marketing, Management, Business, Construction, Healthcare and Education.  


We are preparing students for the workforce.  




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